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How to boost sales for local businesses...

Let's face it, the world is changing...and FAST. It's hard to keep up with every new trend...especially with the addition of digital marketing! You've already got enough to worry about with flyer and how else can you boost sales? Social Media takes word-of-mouth and multiplies it by 1,000 (figuratively speaking). Now you can share everything you want with customers in real-time!

What's most interesting, is that no matter your business, social media can help! One of our new clients, Haines Blacktop, uses social media to find new customers. Just a few posts on the owners personal page was enough to solicit prospects. If you tell them...they will come. Take the first step...get a Facebook, Twitter, or an Instagram (whichever works best for your industry) and get started. The problem is, not everyone has the time for social media. For example, if you run a construction company...most of your time will be spent either on-the-job, doing paperwork, or talking with clients. Many companies small, medium, and large have resorted to hiring interns or staff members...but not every business has the time or resources for such things. That's where That's-So-Media comes in! We offer affordable social media management for businesses without the time or know-how to market themselves online! Contact us today to get started! Give us a call at (862) 251-9804 or email us at! Follow us everywhere @thatssomediaco.


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