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5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Social Media Manager

In the ever-growing digital marketplace, businesses all around the world are hiring social media managers every day. It's becoming a necessity. People are spending most of their day on social media; it has become imperative that businesses at every level, local to international, use social media marketing. Here are 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Social Media Manager... 5. That's where your audience is

It's true. Whether your goal is to market to adults 40-60 or teens 13-19, you'll need to use social media to reach your audience.

4. It's Brand Building

You may not see an immediate ROI on your social media endeavors...but there is no denying that more and more people will recognize your brand.

People will need to see your product/services at least 5-7 times to be familiar with a your brand. Posting a testimony from a happy customer or a beautiful shot of your storefront will bring more recognition to your brand and services. 3. It's a great way to generate leads

People will look up your brand before making a purchase...just like an event. You're more likely to attend an event after you've Googled images or watched YouTube clips of past events. Potential customers will do the same with your brand.

2. It generates money Basically an extension of number 3, after your generate leads and those leads go to your can turn those leads into customers.

Now, you can even attach a link to your products on many social media platforms (like Instagram, for example).

1. You can interact with customers in real-time

Interaction is a great way to keep customers returning again and again. Establishing a relationship with those who keep bread on your table will help you keep that bread on your table every week. More and more companies are using a social media presence to address issues from unhappy customers or to applaud faithfuls. It's a great way to keep your business both afloat and growing organically.

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