Frequently Asked Questions

We never want you to worry.

Q. How do I know this really works?
A. More and more companies are hiring social media managers because they understand the importance of building their brand and sharing as much as they can with potential customers.

Q. Is this a worthwhile investment?
You may not see direct ROI with social media management; but a professional social media manager can help followers turn into customers and turn word-of-mouth into dollar signs.

Q. Can I trust That's-So-Media with my money?

A. Yup! You pay us per-hour and will receive a document at the end of each session detailing what we did. If you give us a budget, we'll use everything you give us and because you own the social media you'll get every receipt!

Q. What will other people think about this offer?
A. People will wonder why your social media and website look so good. Once they hear the price they won't believe the deal you got!

Q. Can I get this service without paying?
A. Not for the same quality. People go to college to manage social media, market digitally, and build websites. We make this easy for you without having to hire an intern or staff member.

Q. I worry about sharing my information online.
A. All of our payments are done through PayPal or in person! We'll never share your information with anyone outside the company...that's a guarantee!


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